Humor: Yeah, That’s the Best Part of Life

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Humor keeps the rhythm of our lives flowing. Without humor, there is no life. Yet, where there is humor, there is happiness, fun, contentment and joy. In this article I show how humor can be the best part of life.

My little sister and I were walking with our four-year old niece beside a nearby pond. It was a beautiful sight-seeing – the calm blue water of the pond, the ducks in it, one or two people feeding them, the tall green trees, a little park. It was my sister who broke the silence. “So, Ifra (my niece) what do you remember from your recent visit to our home country? ” She said promptly, “The servant takes water.” Both my sister and I burst into endless laughter. Out of all people and matter, was that significant to her? Yes, the servants of the complex we live in our country ring the bell of our apartment to take water in a bucket from our washroom in order to clean the staircase floor-wise. That is how part of the cleanliness is maintained in our complex back home. My sister and I had another fit of laughter. Yes it was funny that while trivial to us, it mattered and meant a lot to Ifra. LOL! It brightened our stroll and we both loved Ifra more than ever.

Now let me brighten your day a little further by telling you a joke. Here it goes: Mostly jokes of life are centered around kids and families. This one is too.

Dad: Son, why don’t you try to be more like Jimmy?

Son: Why? What is it about Jimmy?

Dad: Look at the way he studies, earns good grades and remains at the top of the class.

Son: Well, Dad, Jimmy’s Dad is smart!

Did you get the joke? Did it bring a smile to your face? So I bet that you are already finding the humor in life!

Now let me tell you a funny statement:

“Grandparents and children are closely bonded in most cases. The reason for that is that they have a common enemy.”

How about this little wording? Did you grin? I bet you did!

Now time for another funny anecdote from life. My dear little brother is now abroad doing internship, having passed his undergraduate studies with good results. But I remember and miss the moments we shared when he was here. I used to send him on errands to buy mostly computer accessories because I had thought I would take little breaks for myself. Once I sent him to a nearby shopping complex to buy my laptop’s clone cable and a printer’s cartridge. I had no idea how much they cost. So I gave him Tk5000, the maximum price they could be altogether I had assumed. Well, I was going outside of the gates of our complex an hour later, where I met my brother returning and grinning. He said,”I got all your stuff. ” I asked promptly,”How much did it all cost? ” He replied,”The cable cost Tk100 and the cartridge cost Tk1100. And the rest goes into my pockets! ” Well, I was spellbound: The prices of my stuff were so low and yet, on the other hand, I get nothing back. I laughed out happily. So did my brother, taking the stuff with him back home and with good money in his pockets. I guess he sang well too. Does that make you smile?

These are the reasons why I emphasize the people in your life, especially in your families, the ones you are close, they will make you smile; you will always have something to share and laugh. Treasure these moments, especially the humor moments. And recall them in your low times and try to cheer someone up. You yourself will feel cheered up. Yes, humor can pass on at all times; yet it costs nothing and is very much vital for life and existence.


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