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I had been out running around on business and pleasure all day. A pretty blond that I had initiated contact with via an online dating site ~ in the wee hours last night had responded ~ but only to ask me how I had been cured of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). This article is the result …
With all of the smart phones (iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry’s) being used by consumers today it seems you can download an app for just about any conceivable purpose. Many online functions such as stocks, banking, weather, and even ordering flowers, that have been traditionally assigned to computers are now being performed right from an individuals phone. …
Humor keeps the rhythm of our lives flowing. Without humor, there is no life. Yet, where there is humor, there is happiness, fun, contentment and joy. In this article I show how humor can be the best part of life. My little sister and I were walking with our four-year old niece beside a nearby …

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